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Program Overview

A general language program that is divided into 9 levels starting from absolute beginner up to advanced ones. This program provides a comprehensive linguistic framework which treats with all of the language skills with particular concentration on speaking and listening.

Program Objectives

The program aims at enhancing the learner's capabilities of using, and correctly applying the language skills in his communications with others in everyday life.
  • All the levels are designed to suit different needs of learners.
  • Internationally accredited English curriculum.
  • Use of additional materials to cater for the learner's field of work.
  • Practical use of real life situations and group discussion that develop the learners' confidence in the use of the language.
  • Appropriate use of new vocabulary, expressions and idioms.
  • Development of writing, reading, listening and comprehension skills.
  • Development of use of grammar rules and sentence structure.
  • Development of use of grammar rules and sentence structure.
  • Three weekly tests for each level.
  • Speaking and listening lessons with native teachers at beginner levels.
  • Native teachers in advanced levels.

Level Description

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New English
Please 1

A simple level for beginners, fashioned to address correct pronunciation of the alphabets as well as the proper usage of basic grammar. Upon completing the course, learners will be able to compose, read and write simple phrases and sentences. In addition, they will be able to communicate the basics of their identities in a variety of formal settings.

Absolute Beginner

Interchange Intro
A (SB & WB)

An extended level intended for those who have the knowledge of basic grammar and vocabulary of English. This level enables learners to express simple data pertaining to their families, hobbies and jobs in an acceptable manner. After completion of this level, the learner is expected to speak in past, present and future tenses.


Interchange Intro
B (SB & WB)

A wide-ranging level, proposed for learners with intermediate familiarity with English language. The course introduces the four skills of English by means of exposing the complication of grammar, structure and vocabulary used in our daily life to the student in an integrated approach. Furthermore, this level focuses on the skills of listening, speaking as well as the proper usage of English utilized for day-to-day living.


B. 1A (SB & WB)

A consolidated level arranged to allow the learner an opportunity to use a range of linguistic skills with particular concentration on sentence structure, idioms and expressions used in authentic situations. Moreover, a range of social and academic English aspects will be introduced with a broad coverage of grammar, vocabulary and expressions learned previously.


B.1B (SB & WB)

A more comprehensive level, set for a broad spectrum of English. The learners will be trained to carry more advanced and complicated conversations through the utilization of somewhat complex grammar along with correct pronunciation. As a result, learners will be able to convey their thoughts without hesitation in addition to enriching their vocabulary through the numerous applications of linguistic skills.


B. 2A (SB & WB)

The innovation of this level is meant to enhance the learner’s English skills and capabilities in an appropriate atmosphere. This is carried out in a thorough and complete set of written and oral exercises and activities. The learner will also be afforded a greater opportunity to practice his newly acquired language inside the classroom through practical individual, group, and role playing exercises and activities. Ultimately, the learner will be attaining, to a far extent, a well balanced performance.

Upper Intermediate

B. 3A (SB & WB)

This level is considered a sort of transformation, because it exposes the learner to new levels of conversations and vocabulary with new features of difficulty. The level offers the opportunity to acquire the ability to speak in many subject matters with greater confidence. It also utilizes the learner’s use of linguistic skills while expressing his capabilities in writing through more accurate and well developed style.


B. 3B (SB & WB

This level is shaped to offer the learner a greater opportunity to deal with the social and practical aspects of life. Upon completion of this level, the learner will be reaching the threshold of mastering grammar and other significant linguistic skills. The learner will be able to interpret and analyze linguistic issues with striking confidence and engage in discussions without fearing to fall in the common linguistic frailties.


B. 3B (SB & WB)

It is the highest of the program’s hierarchy and moves the learner into a wide horizon of studying English enabling him to masterfully deal with vocabulary and language skills, understands what he hears or reads through his own analysis and therefore produce specialized prolonged conversations. Additionally, the learner will be able to write lengthy, detailed prose in a logical order without rhetorical mistakes. In essence, the learner will ultimately reach a professional level that transcends all previous ones.


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